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Aligned Leisure recognise that schools and clubs are an integral part of a healthy, active and socially engaged community. As a result we have a focus on taking our programs into local schools and clubs, ensuring that proximity to a facility or an inability to pay for mainstream programs, will not stand in the way of supporting our partners to deliver on their Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan objectives.


Tiger PAW

Tiger PAW is a unique and tailored program run by the Richmond Football Club, in communities where Aligned Leisure operate.  The program uses elite athletes to impart important physical and mental health messages to young students.

Developed using a program logic methodology in partnership with Vic Health’s Healthy Together Communities Cardinia, Tiger PAW was established to support the Cardinia Shire in the delivery of the three key objectives from their Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan. The program has been designed with an inability to flex with the unique needs of other communities.

The Cardinia Shire program consists of four distinct sessions designed specifically to address the Shire’s priority issues of increasing physical activity and healthy eating and promoting mental health.  Targeted at students in grades 5 and 6 as an education program, Tiger PAW also addresses educational targets as outlined in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). The program seeks to support students as they prepare for secondary school and into their teenage years.

In the Cardinia Shire, Tiger PAW is made up of the following four sessions;

  1. Resilience and Mindfulness
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Nutrition
  4. Diversity and Discrimination

The program launched in 2015 and was immediately recognised by Aquatics and Recreation Victoria who named the program as the states most innovative aquatic/recreation program in its inaugural year.

The program will continue in the Shire of Cardinia in 2017.


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Young Leaders Program – Launching in 2019

The Young Leaders program will be tailored to the individual needs of each of our partners.  Facilitated by Steve Morris (Current AFL player), the program will encourage and support young people to become actively engaged as young citizens, working directly with local sporting clubs to encourage and facilitate the implementation of a healthy sporting environment.

By involving local youth, many of whom will be members of the very clubs we are preparing them to assist, this group of young leaders will have direct contacts through themselves, their families, their school friends or their neighbours into many local sporting clubs.  This direct contact, combined with the support of Aligned Leisure and Richmond Football Club will ensure a much greater likelihood that healthy clubs actions and philosophies will be adopted by local sporting clubs.

The Young Leaders Program will commence in the Shire of Cardinia in 2019. For more information Click Here




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