A Decade And A Half Of Fitness And Friendship

As a hub for the community, Cardinia Life has ignited long-term connections and friendships with some members attending the facility for an impressive 15-years! Elizabeth Salter is one of these special members and when she sat down to chat about what keeps her coming back this was her story.

The grandmother of six, affectionately known as Liz or Lizzie, explained it’s the connections at the facility she values the most. She cherishes the many friends made over the years attending the Centre. “Many years ago, I asked a few ladies if they had time for a coffee after a class and that progressed into regular meals together, going to the theatre and movies” Elizabeth said, that simple gesture of a catch-up led to some of the most treasured friendships Elizabeth has today.

As a testament to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Elizabeth attends up to nine classes each week, visiting every Monday to Friday and even some Saturdays. Elizabeth is a genuine regular who joined the facility all those years back for not only physical fitness but a supportive community that has become an integral part of her life. “It’s not just about fitness, how many classes you can attend or how many laps you can do” she says. Remarking “it’s one of the better things I have done!.”

Having experienced knee and hip replacements, Elizabeth also emphasizes the importance of the pool for her overall well-being and adds that is where you will most likely find her! The pool has been essential to her recovery, rehabilitation, and maintenance of good joint health.

The lifeguards and staff at Cardinia Life have also played a crucial role in marking Elizabeth’s daily visits special, each morning she is greeted with friendly smiles and warm welcomes, creating a positive environment, and setting her off in good spirits for the day. The fond friendships built she attributes to the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of Cardinia Life.

As Elizabeth celebrates a 15-year milestone, it is a reminder of the impact and value of leisure facilities and customer orientated staff can have on individuals well-being. Cardinia Life serves not only as a space for physical activity but as a hub for building enduring friendships and fostering a sense of belonging.

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