Rediscovering Self-Care: A Retired Teacher’s Journey at Cardinia Leisure.

Retirement presents the opportunity for many to refocus on their personal wellbeing. Mick, a 68-year-old retired PE teacher and School Principal, discovered the importance of self-care upon retirement, a realisation he hadn’t grasped amidst the demands of his busy career.

Through regular visits to Cardinia Life, he has now rediscovered the importance of wellness and self-care after it slipped away from him, despite having been an active person in his early years. Mick shared his journey towards prioritising self-care as part of Cardinia Life’s 15-year member celebration. 

Mick confessed to overworking himself, with self-care falling by the wayside. However, since retirement, Mick has made it a priority to reconnect with activities that bring about health and wellbeing benefits for him.

Since retiring, I have had no issues making my health and wellbeing a priority. I have love coming into Cardinia Life and I value the connections that I have been able to build here.

Mick, Cardinia Leisure Member

Mick’s enthusiasm for self-care and commitment to visiting Cardinia Life has been supported by the welcoming environment at the Centre and the diverse offerings available. “I can come to Cardinia Life and work independently or in a group, the staff are always very welcoming” he says. Further adding, “The Centre is close to my home, and there is a wide variety of equipment always available to me.” 

Mick recognises the significance of self-care. “Rediscovering how important self-care is, looking after your body and caring for yourself. He understands that “You can’t take care of other people if your tank is empty”. Today, he integrates self-care into his daily routine and is steadfast in keeping it. “I have made it part of my routine and plan to stick to it. It is embedded into my routine” he states. You can often spot Mick at Cardinia Life engaging in various activities, from pounding it out on the treadmill to sweating it up in an RPM or Spin class!  

Micks story serves as an inspiration to many and highlights the importance of prioritising our health and making the most of all that leisure facilities have to offer in pursuit of happiness and wellbeing. Moreover, regular resistance exercise is essential for maintaining mobility and mitigating muscle and motor function decline as we grow older.

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