Aligned Leisure pushing to #BreakTheBias this International Women’s Day

Kat Tonks and Chris Banbury, Cardinia Life

Aligned Leisure and its staff have joined the global #BreakTheBias campaign as part of this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations.

#BreakTheBias is a call to action to end both the deliberate and unconscious gender bias, discrimination, and stereotyping in today’s society.

The campaign demonstrated through people posing with crossed arms and open hands reflects a willingness for that person to help forge a more inclusive world.

The National Gender Pay Gap over the past 20 years has seen a gap in full-time employees’ total earnings favouring men over women by between 17-22%.

Every industry in Australia currently has a pay gap favouring men, including female-dominated sectors, a clear bias that Aligned Leisure is working towards stamping out.

As per the latest Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) statistics, Aligned Leisure is nearing total pay parity, with a gap of just 0.4% in the total earning of males and females working within the organization.

The figure sees Aligned Leisure ranked as having the lowest overall gender pay gap for the Arts and Recreation Service industry (sized between 500-1000 employees).

Richmond players and siblings Beth and Tom Lynch headlined the broader businesses #BreakThe Bias campaign, with Beth detailing her experiences of bias in the workplace and community.

“Even at my work, I am a nurse, and a lot of the time just subconsciously, we assume that the male is the doctor,” she explained.

“We have work to do, but we are making progress all the time. The AFLW coming in has been great in helping girls to know that it is not only their brother that can make it to the top league, and that should be the same for any job.”

Peggy O’Neal AO continues to inspire Richmond as a three-time premiership President and long-time Board member. The Club also worked with then sex-discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick to establish the Elite Sport Male Champions of Change in 2015.

Champions of Change- Sport has evolved to include leaders from across every major sports sector in Australia. Since 2015, significant progress has been made in equality initiatives across the industry, including board representation, funded development pathways, access to facilities and promotion, and prize money for female athletes.

Richmond and Aligned Leisure will celebrate International Women’s Day with an all-staff event that includes an afternoon tea and panel featuring O’Neal and other female staff from across the business.



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