App partnership promoting inclusion for Aligned Leisure

Aligned Leisure is excited to announce its new partnership with disability services support app Cérge, created by Chris Kerrisk.

After attending an Aquatics & Recreation Victoria Diversity, Inclusion, and Leisure Forum, the Aligned Leisure and Nillumbik Council staff became eager to integrate the app into their operations.

Chris spoke of the companion app and its ability to help people with disabilities and their support network to have a more inclusive experience when visiting leisure centres. He highlighted how a large percentage of disability was invisible and how Cérge helps promote access and deliver inclusion in this space.

After meetings with Chris, we decided Eltham Leisure Centre would be the perfect launch site for Cérge

Andre Leslie, Healthy Nillumbik Coordinator

“Along with the companion, we receive visual stories and an access guide of the venue to best assist Cérge customers. It took just five days for it to be utilized, earlier this month.”

On receiving the notification, Eltham Leisure Centre customer service were able to provide a tour of the facility that was based on the information the customer required – calmly and concisely.

“The customer had let us know in their profile; this was their preferred method of interaction, so we were happy to ensure it was delivered,” Leslie explained.

“We think Cérge makes us a far more accessible Centre which can only be a good thing. We are excited to continue using the program and to remain offering this level of customer service.”

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